(PartiallyPolitics.com) – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) started the new year with a lot of support and excitement surrounding his potential presidential campaign. However, in recent weeks his polling numbers have been dropping which has led to him needing to decide on a new strategy to follow in a potential presidential bid.

DeSantis is widely considered to be the biggest rival that former President Donald Trump would be facing in the GOP presidential primary. Especially in head-to-head polls, the two men have been receiving qual support from Republican voters. Many voters and Republican operatives are also interested in seeing someone new lead the country.

However, while DeSantis started the year off strong, his recent polling performance and momentum have significantly stalled. His recent comments regarding the Russia-Ukraine war which he referred to as a “territorial dispute” led to many Republican leaders criticizing his stance. Some hypothetical GOP primary polls also show that his numbers started to slip in recent weeks.

One Republican strategist pointed out that currently despite all of the excitement surrounding DeSantis, the Florida gov. has a lot of things that he would still need to do in order to join the presidential race.

During an interview week with British television host Piers Morgan, DeSantis for the first time made some direct attacks against Trump. Previously he had ignored the attacks from the former President and had claimed to instead be more focused on making policy changes and furthering his agenda in Florida.

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