(PartiallyPolitics.com) – On Sunday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was criticized during a discussion on Fox News when one contributor claimed that he had switched his position on the war in Ukraine. This criticism came after DeSantis’ recent comments.

DeSantis, who many believe is going to be announcing his 2024 presidential bid in late spring, or early summer, came under fire after answering host Tucker Carlson’s questions about Ukraine by stating that the war was a “territorial dispute” and that the U.S. should try to not become “entangled in” it even further. These comments led to many people from both parties criticizing DeSantis for diminishing the importance of the conflict.

However, during an interview with Fox Nation host Piers Morgan on Thursday, DeSantis stated that his earlier comments had been misconstrued and that when he had said “a territorial dispute” he had merely attempted to describe the conflict currently in Eastern Ukraine. He continued by saying that Russia was in the wrong for launching the attack on Ukraine last February.

DeSantis also said that it was wrong that Russia has previously invaded and taken Crime in 2014.

On Sunday, Fox News correspondent Kevin Corke stated that DeSantis’ comments to Morgan were a “flip flop” and that he changed his position because he is planning on launching a potential presidential bid. He added that from the criticisms it became all the more apparent that this war was not simply a “territorial dispute” and that it needed to be taken more seriously.

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