(PartiallyPolitics.com) – In a recent report, The Washington Post accused Iowa Republicans of “targeting the LGBTQ community” and turning the state into the new “Florida of the North.”

Annie Gowen, who wrote the Washington Post piece claimed that Republicans in Iowa have been strengthened by the recent “red wave” in the state and have now moved forward with a promotion of an agenda that includes legislation against the LGBTQ community, “a costly school choice bill” and a general move away from the state’s historic stance as “a civil rights bastion.”

She proceeded to state that currently the “joke among statehouse reporters” was that Iowa was turning into the “Florida of the North” minus the beaches.

The Post included 10 mentions of Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, who they tried to portray as another culture warrior on “gun rights,” “school choice” and “abortion access.” They then proceeded to draw a link between the “Don’t say gay” protests in Iowa and Florida.

Leftist activists had previously dubbed the Florida Parental Rights Education Bill the “Don’t say gay” bill in an effort to criticize Gov. Ron DeSantis. The law had gone into effect in March and it prevented all school employees and third parties from providing instruction within the classroom on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” for students that were below the third grade.

The Post continued to state that Reynolds is similarly focused on attacking and restricting the LGBTQ community in the state as the Iowa lawmakers have “passed three bills related to gay and transgender rights.”

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