(PartiallyPolitics.com) – On Tuesday a tentative settlement agreement was filed noting that New York would compensate millions to protesters who had been arrested during the 2020 protests over the killing of George Floyd.

According to the filing each protester that was “detained, arrested, and/or subjected to force by police officers,” would receive $21,500. An additional $21,500 would also be given to the five demonstrators who are part of the class-action lawsuit relating to the proposed resolution.

So far around 320 people have been identified who are qualified to receive the payout. However, some people who have already settled their cases with the city will not be able to participate in the payout settlement.

The city is expected to pay overall a figure between $4 million and $6 million, and they could also be responsible for around $2.5 million in legal fees.

The lawsuit had originally been brought against former Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), former Police Chief Terence Monahan, and other members of the New York Police Department. In the suit, it was alleged that the police force had been planning “an operation to encircle and seize, or ‘kettle,’” protesters that would be present during the march. In the class action complaint, they continue by stating that the march had been peaceful and that there was no violence or harm to any properties. However, the police officers had allegedly pepper-sprayed and used their batons against the protesters before the arrest.

Under the settlement, New York City would not accept any of the allegations.

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