(PartiallyPolitics.com) – Former President Donald Trump has launched many attacks toward Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (G) who is widely expected to be Trump’s biggest competitor in the 2024 GOP primary race. However, as DeSantis is moving closer and closer to potentially announcing a presidential bid, Trump has repeatedly made jabs and given DeSantis nicknames while criticizing him.

However, in the past week, Trump also temporarily focused on DeSantis’s past policy views in order to reduce the support the governor is experiencing with Republican voters.

This was a surprising move as the former President’s attacks don’t usually relate to policy. More surprisingly though some of the policy-based attacks appear to be heard by Republicans looking to vote in the GOP primary.

On Monday, during an event in Davenport Iowa, Trump pointed out that DeSantis has an issue with ethanol. Iowa is the leading producer of ethanol in the country, and the production of the fuel compound is a big part of the state’s economy. Trump attacked DeSantis for supporting a bill during his time as a congressman who was set to limit ethanol production.

Ethanol was not the only area of attack for Trump. As he pointed out DeSantis was not a fan of Social Security and Medicare and he had previously voted against these entitlement programs three times. He added that a lot of people are not aware of DeSAntis’s position on these things which is why his position has been climbing in the polls. DeSantis has also supported an increase to the minimum retirement age to 70 previously.

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