2024 Candidates Fighting To Get On The Ballot

Photo by Phil Scroggs on Unsplash

(PartiallyPolitics.com) – Many long-shot presidential candidates are doing everything in their power to ensure that their name is going to be included in as many ballots as possible before the presidential election in November. These candidates are aiming to qualify for the maximum possible number of general swing elections in key states so as to complicate former President Donald Trump’s, and President Biden’s path to the White House.

The presidential race includes many incumbent-challenging Democrats as well as other third-party and independent candidates. However, the majority of people are more focused on Trump, who continues to be the frontrunner in the Republican primary race, and President Biden who is currently suffering from low popularity rates.

Independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), Cenk Uygur, and Marianne Williamson all strategizing over what they can do to get their names legally on the ballots in key states.

Law firm Cozen O’Connor national election attorney Jerry H. Goldfeder pointed out that candidates who can actually get support from voters can get on the ballot for a relatively low price. As he argued all that was really needed was to have printed petitions with enough signatures in order to participate in the race.

Kennedy, whose support is currently in the double-digits, has been a point of concern for candidates from both parties as he has the support of a number of outside super PACs who are funding his endeavor to have his name listed in the ballots in Georgia, Arizona, and Michigan. This is particularly significant for Biden who is currently losing to Trump in those states according to the polls.

A Democratic strategist who was working in a 2020 presidential campaign recalled how monumental it was ensuring their candidate’s name would appear in enough places as this made them viable. However, as they recalled in certain states getting on the ballot was hard, and they needed to spend a lot of money in order to gather the required signatures in those states.

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