African Migrants Start ‘Gang War’ In The Street

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

( – A mass brawl broke out in Tel Aviv by migrants from Eritrea who gathered in protest of an event the Eritrean Embassy was hosting. A fight broke out between those migrants who were pro-government and those anti-government migrants who claimed that both liberty and lives were in danger in the country.

Following the incident, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu threatened that all illegal aliens currently in Israel would be expelled from the country.

Some of the bystanders during the event stated that the anti-government protesters were wearing blue shirts. In a video from the incident, a different bystander is seen asking where the police were.

The Associated Press has reported that at least 30 police officers were injured during the altercation, with some estimates placing the number of injured police at 50. Police officers had attempted to break apart the fights that had broken out between the hundreds of migrants. The report from AP noted that during the fights Eritreans had used metal pieces, construction lumber, and rocks as they headed to a Tel Aviv neighborhood that has many asylum seekers. According to the report, there was also at least one axe used.

Protesters destroyed the windows of shops and smashed police cars. There was also blood on the sidewalks. One supporter of the Eritrean government was also seen lying in a pool of blood in a playground.

Netanyahu claimed that the pro-government’s group decision to seek asylum while supporting their country’s government is hypocritical. He also threatened to expel all those involved in the violence.

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