Americans Ordered To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Photo by Eeshan Garg on Unsplash

( – The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued warnings in several locations due to the expected high temperatures. In two states people have been cautioned against drinking alcoholic drinks due to the extreme weather conditions. 

The NWS has stated in the warning to citizens in Arizona and California that they should attempt to drink higher amounts of water while avoiding alcoholic, caffeinated, or drinks high in sugar as they can cause dehydration. The alcohol warnings apply to people in many areas, including those in the south part of California or near Joshua Tree National Park. Similar warnings have been issued in Arizona for those residing in the southwest and south-central parts of the state. 

In the heat warnings, which were to remain in place until Tuesday afternoon, it was noted that the temperatures were expected to reach between 118 to 122 F. The service has also noted that these levels of high temperatures are associated with a rise in illnesses related to heat, such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps. It was also noted that heat stroke could lead to death. 

Apart from avoiding alcohol people in these areas have been advised to remain indoors in air-conditioned areas, and to eat smaller but more frequent meals. They are also advised to frequently check on more vulnerable groups that might be more heavily impacted by the heat. 

This weekend the United States is expected to see three-digit temperatures in several areas in the state, including Nevada, Arkansas, Texas, Idaho, Utah, Washington, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oregon, and Oklahoma. The maximum heat index temperature is likely to be 105 F or even higher, while the temperatures are not expected to drop under 75 F. 

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