Another State Sends National Guard To The Border

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is set to provide assistance to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to control the surge in illegal crossings along the southern border. Abbott is currently in a dispute with the federal administration over immigration enforcement. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Kemp scheduled an announcement as the Georgia Legislature, which has a GOP majority, has introduced resolutions condemning the border policy of the Biden administration and supporting all of Kemp’s efforts to “allocate resources and assistance” to the U.S.-Mexico border security. 

The resolution passed from the House committee on Friday, and on Monday the Georgia Senate passed its own version in a 31-15 vote. The two identically worded partisan resolutions included a number of GOP talking points about how those who crossed into the country illegally were criminals, including those who are seeking asylum.

Kemp, who had deployed Georgia National Guard troops at the Texas border in 2019, could choose to deploy additional troops. Kemp’s spokesperson Garrison Douglas had claimed that 29 guard members continued to be deployed performing missions including aerial surveillance. 

On Feb. 4, Kemp along with 12 other GOP governors joined Abbot at Eagle Pass, Texas. The Texas governor has been at a standoff with the federal administration following the state’s decision to block U.S. Border Patrol agents from access to a park near the Rio Grande. 

Kemp, who opposed Biden, has also had a long-standing conflict with former President Donald Trump who is widely expected to be the 2024 Republican nominee.

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