Antisemitism Reaches Stunning New Heights

Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

( – The New York Police Department (NYPD) has reported that there has been a 214 percent increase in hate crimes against Jewish people in the last month when compared to the same time period a year earlier.

In October 2023, there were 101 hate crimes reported. Out of those 69 were targeting Jews. This is a large increase when compared to October 2022, when there had been 45 hate crimes reported, which had targeted 22 Jews.

Last month, crime statistics also showed that from zero hate crimes against Muslims in October 2022, the number of hate crimes had increased to eight. There were also seven other hate crimes reported which appeared to be motivated by “sexual orientation.” In October 2022 only three such incidents had been reported.

Last month, anti-Black also reported four incidents which marked an increase of one since October 2022, while the anti-Asian report had stated that hate crimes had reduced to zero, when in October 2022 four hate crimes had been reported.

Following the Oct. 7 Hamas surprise attacks against Israel and the Israeli response which has included the heaviest airstrikes against Gaza in history, there has been an increase in antisemitic hate crimes in New York. The airstrikes against Gaza had resulted in over 10,000 Palestinians losing their lives, while the Hamas surprise attack had left 1,400 Israelis dead.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed that the invasion of Gaza is focused on defeating Hamas and that a cease-fire could only be achieved when the hostages were returned to Israel.

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