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Author Archives: Partially Politics Team

  • Time to Secure the Border

    Time to Secure the Border

    An ominous warning came by way of the U.S. Border Patrol this week directed at Texas landowners along the U.S.-Mexico border that “armed civilians” might appear on their property to confront the horde of illegal migrants pushing towards the U.S. The Associated Press reported that ...
  • Lock Up Obama?

    Lock Up Obama?

    Some people have trouble letting go of the past. Former President Barack Obama (a Democrat) is one of them. Since he left office after the 2016 U.S. election win by GOP President Donald J. Trump, Obama has been jetting around the world, meddling in affairs that are no longer properly in his ...
  • America’s Marijuana Monopoly

    America’s Marijuana Monopoly

    Now that marijuana is legal in 30 out of the 50 states, entrepreneurial minds are turning toward large-scale production of the plant in its various forms: medical, recreational, and hemp. Canada legalized cannabis across the board on October 17, 2018. Our neighbor to the north is building a new ...
  • Is This 2016 All Over Again?

    Is This 2016 All Over Again?

    Many historians do not view World War II as a unique conflict, but rather an interrupted continuation of the issues unresolved by World War I.  In many ways, that is the story of the midterm election of 2018.  It is a replay of 2016. The most obvious similarity is the election eve polling and ...
  • The Death of the DNC

    The Death of the DNC

    Democrat supporters created a movement that split their own party in half There is a new hashtag movement in town, and it’s doing its very best to split the left down the middle. Founder Brandon Straka created the #WalkAway movement which encourages unhappy Democrats to leave their party for ...
  • How Will Millennials Vote?

    How Will Millennials Vote?

    Democrats are talking a lot about the gains they expect from Millennial voters – the 18 to 35 age group. Much of the energy necessary to produce the blue wave depends on those younger Americans. Democrat optimism is predicated on a hope-based theory that, itself, is based on two assumptions – ...
  • Let’s Talk Free Speech

    Let’s Talk Free Speech

    I am an extremist when it comes to free speech. The only limits we should respect are the restrictions against defamation by slander – making oral false and damaging statements about another person — or libel – making false written statements or creating false images damaging about ...
  • Fauxcahontas Strikes Back

    Fauxcahontas Strikes Back

    Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has issued her long-sought DNA report along with a campaign-style video romanticizing her claimed Indian heritage. Before we get to addressing the new information that she has provided, we should look back on the life of First Lady Edith Wilson, wife of ...
  • An hour of meal prep on Sunday sets you up for a yummy week

    An hour of meal prep on Sunday sets you up for a yummy week

    What if you had a prep cook in your kitchen? A sous chef who made sure that all of the slicing and dicing and mincing and zesting was done for you, so that when it came time to make dinner, all you had to do was wash your hands and start cooking? Most of us […]
  • Kanye West becomes modern-day Frederick Douglass or Booker T. Washington

    Kanye West becomes modern-day Frederick Douglass or Booker T. Washington

    One has to look at history to find a time when a Black American made more news by being a guest at the White House than did rapper Kanye West. Yes, the election of Barack Obama was historic, but not as a guest in the White House, but as the first person with significant and […]