Biden Caught Wasting Millions, Investigation Launched

Photo by Frames For Your Heart on Unsplash

( – House Oversight Committee Republicans are asking for documents that relate to the Biden administration’s decision to sell the border wall materials. The committee is probing into what they have referred to as the “waste and abuse” of components.

In a letter sent to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers head, the House committee members noted that during the “worst” immigration crisis in U.S. history, the Biden administration is not focusing on securing the U.S.-Mexico border through the installation of the border barrier system components that the government has already bought. Instead, the administration is trying to block the future installation of such infrastructure.

The letter led by James Comer, the committee chairman, and Rep. Jake LaTurner proceeds to ask for any documents and information pertaining to the administration’s decisions to put a stop to the construction of the border wall which had started during the Trump administration. The border wall built during the Trump administration covers over 450 miles, however, after Biden took over he claimed that there would not be “another foot” added to the wall.

Despite this decision, Republicans have continued to push for the border wall to be constructed, especially as the number of illegal immigrants entering the country rapidly increased since 2021. Many conservatives have also argued that the wall is important in helping tackle illegal immigration, but the Democrats have claimed that the wall is not an effective way of blocking immigrants and that it is xenophobic.

Last month reports noted that many of the border wall components were being auctioned off through GovPlanet, an online auction marketplace.

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