Biden Leaves Speaker Johnson in Disbelief

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – House Speaker Mike Johnson accuses Biden of playing both sides after the launch of the new immigration plan.

On Tuesday, Johnson (R-Lousianna) accused President Joe Biden of attempting to play both sides of the political spectrum after the President announced his new amnesty plan.

On Tuesday morning, Biden announced his plan to allow illegal immigrants married to U.S. citizens and who have lived in the country for ten years, as of Monday, three years to apply for a green card. 

These illegal immigrants will also receive protection from deportation and temporary work permits.

According to the administration’s own estimates, up to 550,000 illegal immigrants are expected to benefit from Biden’s latest order.

However, the plan quickly drew criticism from the House Speaker, who noted Biden was “engaging [in] an election-year border charade.”

Johnson highlighted that two weeks ago, Biden “pretended to crack down” on his open-border policies,” and that with his latest order, he was “trying to play both sides” by giving hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants amnesty.

The Louisiana Republican noted that while Biden might consider “homeland security” a game to score “political points,” the amnesty plan would only “incentivize” illegal immigration, endangering Americans.

Johnson also claimed Biden’s latest order was part of a broader plan by Democrats to make illegal aliens legal voters.

The House Speaker also indicated the order, which he anticipated to be “struck down in the courts” was contrary to the Immigration and Naturalization Act.

Former President Donald Trump also indicated at a rally on Tuesday that Biden’s order was a plan to “fast-track” citizenship for illegal immigrants to allow them to vote.

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