Biden Starts Escalating Attacks On Putin, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Thursday, President Joe Biden stated during an interview with ABC World News that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a “dictator” and “not a decent man.” He added that he has been concerned about Putin for years and continued by speaking about the change in U.S. policy which allowed Ukraine to use American weapons to strike close to the Russian border. 

While in Normandy, France where Trump will mark the D-Day invasion’s 80th anniversary he told anchor David Muir that they had only authorized Ukraine to use the weapons to strike in proximity to the border. He added that Ukraine did not have the right to use the weapons to strike 2000 miles into Russia or to directly strike the Kremlin or Moscow.
Muir had also asked Biden whether he was worried about the rhetoric used by Putin, as the Russian president had argued that the shift in policy was as if the United States was now participating in the war. In response, Biden argued that Putin is someone who has concerned him for the last four decades. He added that this was “not a decent man” and that he was a dictator who was attempting to ensure that his country continued to be banded together while he continued his attack on Ukraine. 

Biden pointed out that the weapons the U.S. is talking about would not be to strike the Kremlin or Moscow, but rather they would just be used across the border. He added that this was to counter the attack they were having to deal with from Russians who were entering into Ukraine in order to kill Ukrainians.

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