Biden Stopped From Taking Away What From Children?

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday evening the House in a 424-1 vote decided to strike down the Biden administration’s decision that would block schools that have shooting sports courses from receiving federal funding. The Protecting Hunter Heritage and Education Act was passed with the support of House Republicans and all but one House Democrats, with only Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-Texas, opposing it.

The bill was originally introduced on August 1 by Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn., only days after the Department of Education had decided to not allow federal funding to be given to schools that had courses in archery and hunting.

As Greene told Fox News Digital, fishers and hunters were some of the “best conservationists” and hunting is one of the best ways of protecting the land and controlling wildlife population. He added that the Act he was proposing was crucial for American children and the future.

In a separate statement, he noted that American students should be encouraged to partake in activities that help develop their connection to nature and ability to focus. Green further pointed out that the decision by the Biden administration would affect 50,000 students in only his state.

The Department of Education had previously shared federal guidance in July that noted that schools that had archery and hunting programs would no longer be given access to federal funds. They specifically noted that this was based on their interpretation of the 2022 Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) which blocked such programs from getting access to taxpayer funds.

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