Biden Vows To Build Back His 2020 Coalition

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – In the lead-up to the upcoming election, President Biden is working diligently to reunite the diverse coalition that played a crucial role in his 2020 victory, amidst a Democratic Party that appears more fragmented than it was four years ago. The President’s recent engagements have been notably focused on union workers and African American voters in key states such as Michigan and Nevada, highlighting the strategic importance of these groups in his path to reelection. This targeted outreach comes at a time when former President Trump is also vying for the support of these critical voter segments, potentially challenging Biden’s hold on them.

Ivan Zapien, a former official with the Democratic National Committee, commented on the situation, noting the unique nature of the coalition that supported Biden in the 2020 election and the need for a concerted effort to reassemble it. The White House team is fully aware of the necessity for a broad and diverse coalition to secure victories in pivotal states like Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, which were instrumental in Biden’s previous win. This coalition is characterized by its diversity, including minority voters, union members, young voters, and moderates who are not in favor of Trump.

Reflecting on Biden’s significant achievements in the 2020 election, where he garnered substantial support from Black voters (87%), Latino voters (65%), young voters under 30 (60%), and those in union households (56%), the Biden campaign has initiated targeted advertising efforts and tailored the President’s travel schedule to reinforce these relationships. Recent initiatives include a Black History Month event at the White House and visits to Detroit and Las Vegas, where Biden engaged with Black-owned businesses, United Auto Workers, and members of the Culinary Workers Union, respectively.

Vice President Harris also played a role in this outreach strategy, with recent visits to South Carolina aimed at bolstering support among African American voters. Biden’s campaign messages have also emphasized the potential consequences of a Trump reelection, focusing on issues such as veterans’ affairs, gun violence, and healthcare to resonate with his base.

Democratic strategist Michael Starr Hopkins praised Biden and Harris for their deliberate focus on African American voters and union workers, contrasting their approach with the perceived neglect from Trump and the Republican Party. Despite some fluctuations in support among Black Americans, recent polls show a majority still favor Biden over Trump.

Biden’s pro-union stance has garnered endorsements from several major unions, setting up a direct competition with Trump for the support of organized labor. Challenges remain, however, as the Democratic base faces internal debates on contentious issues like Middle East policy and immigration. Nonetheless, Democratic voices like Hopkins emphasize the party’s commitment to addressing these complex issues collectively, contrasting it with what they see as the divisive tactics of Trump and his allies.

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