Biden’s New Proposal To Ban Tree Cutting

Photo by Adam Vradenburg on Unsplash

( – The Biden administration has proposed additional protections for old-growth forests which would significantly limit the number of carbon-storing plants that could be cutoff. 

On Thursday the Forest Service put forward their proposal for limiting these mature trees from being cut, which caused many environmental groups to praise the efforts. However, the timber industry criticized the move.

Recent studies have shown that old-growth trees usually store high amounts of carbon dioxide, making their protection essential in the fight against climate change. National climate adviser Ali Zaidi in a written statement pointed out that these old-growth forests are essential for cleaning air and filtering water. They are an essential part of the fight against climate change. 

He added that the recent decision is going to help better inform the national forest system stewardship while also strengthening the administration’s ability to deploy solutions that help protect waters, lands, and wildlife.

The new proposal of the administration severely restricts the cutting of these trees in areas that are considered old-growth forests. For these forests to be bolstered it is also necessary for government land managers to be put in place that will handle proactive such projects. 

The trade group American Forest Resource Council, which is representing timber companies that are located in the United States has claimed that the proposal is “politically driven” and that rather than these protections the administration should be focusing its attention on wildfire threats. It added that rather than increasing bureaucracy for active forest management the attention of the administration should be focused on its wildfire strategy.

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