Biden’s Son Gets Caught Lying To The Judge?

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – A judge that is presiding in the criminal case against Hunter Biden, threatened his legal team with sanctions after they allegedly lied to the clerk’s office.

Delaware Judge Maryellen Noreika on Tuesday heard Biden’s counsel’s side of the story after they were accused of not following court procedures by attempting to gather information from an IRS whistleblower that was taken off the docket.

The accusations also relate to one member of Hunter Biden’s legal team who allegedly misrepresented who they were while trying to get certain amicus material removed from the docket, she had done so by asking the clerk to have the information sealed instead of putting through a formal request at the court.

The order specifically read that “Ms. Jessica Bengels” claimed to have been working with “Mr. Kittila” and had attempted to have certain information removed by misrepresenting her actual identity and the identity of her employer in an attempt to have the amicus materials removed from the docket.

In the order it is also noted that the documents would remain under seal until the end of July 26, 2023, giving the Defendant the opportunity to provide the “requisite showing.” If they fail to do so then the documents will be entirely unsealed.

Biden’s legal team sent a letter to the judge informing them that the lawyer had in fact accurately represented herself and her association with the law firm while talking with the clerk. They added that this was the case of an unintentional miscommunication between their law firm’s staff and the Court employees.

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