Billionaire Clobbers Biden Over Migrant Crisis

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

( – Michael Bloomberg, the former Mayor of New York has called for President Joe Biden to deal with the “full-blown” immigration crisis in a recent The New York Times opinion piece.

In the piece, Bloomberg claims that the Biden administration has so far not addressed the high cost to taxpayers caused by the lack of a system for housing asylum seekers. Bloomberg, who had dropped out of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, blasted the federal law that stops asylum seekers who enter the United States from legally being allowed to work. This is the second time that the former Mayor has criticized Biden’s handling of immigration.

Current Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams stated in a recent town hall that the surge in migrants entering the city was going to “destroy” it.

Biden has also faced a lot of criticism regarding his handling of the immigration crisis and the lack of security in the U.S.-Mexico border by several conservative figures as a record number of people have crossed illegally into the United States in the past couple of years.

As Bloomberg pointed out in the opinion piece, currently asylum seekers could wait for a year or longer before receiving the necessary work authorization. He then questioned how those people are expected to cover their rent and food. As he pointed out this was the same as “state-enforced poverty and vagrancy” against people who have worked hard in order to make the trip to the United States in hopes of being able to build a better future and life through working.

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