Blue States Desperate To Get Illegals Out

Photo by Chris Dickens on Unsplash

( – Brandon Johnson, the mayor of Chicago has filed a number of lawsuits against the “rogue” bus companies that have been involved in the transportation of migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border.

As part of their efforts to draw attention to the seriousness of the migrant crisis, many GOP governors have begun to use buses as part of their efforts to move migrants to Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities and states. The Republicans have argued that it is essential that the rest of the United States gets a clearer idea of what the influx of immigrants means for the country.

In a recent report, The Chicago Tribune detailed how Johnson’s administration had filed several lawsuits against all of those who were involved in the transportation of migrants. As noted, since August 2022 there have been over 24,400 migrants that have been transported to Chicago and have focused on how cities are in a state of crisis as they are trying to accommodate the migrants that have arrived in the city ahead of Christmas. In Chicago, there have been 55 lawsuits that have been filed to address the 77 buses that have violated the new rules regarding migrant transportation. Some of the suits include fines that are specifically directed to the bus companies.

Cassio Mendoza, the spokesman of the mayor’s office pointed out that these “rogue” buses were threatening the lives of migrants and that it was necessary for them to have accountability when it came to these companies. He added that asylum seekers continue to be welcome in the city, but that the bus companies were violating the safety measures in place which was endangering those migrants.

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