Boebert Doubles Down Her Highly Controversial Decision

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Representative Lauren Boebert apologized for appearing to have thrown away a pin that commemorated the lives of a Uvalde school shooting victim, claiming that she had been concerned about her safety.

Last week a video went viral which showed Boebert throwing in the trash a pin of green Converse shows which was designed in remembrance of Maite Rodriguez, 10, who was one of the 19 children who lost their lives during the school shooting on May 22 at Robb Elementary School. The Uvalde, Texas school shooting was the deadliest shooting in the last decade.

The pins were designed by Gina Gennari, a gun control advocate, and were given out at the U.S. Capitol by March for Our Lives and Lives Robbed members, both organizations are focused on reducing gun violence, while the latter was created by the families of the children who lost their lives at Robb Elementary.

On Monday, Gennari had written in an email to Newsweek that apologies that are worthwhile only happen instantly, sincerely, and contain accurate factual information. She added that her focus was to continue going towards her efforts to introduce “Maite’s Shoes” to all U.S. state legislatures and discuss how it is possible to prevent gun violence.

Boebert in her apology video posted on Monday claimed that she had randomly gotten the pin from a man that she had recognized as having been aggressive towards her in a previous press conference. She added that she had not been aware of what she was being handed and that those who believed she would disrespect the lives of the children who died were “evil.” She then apologized for the video that made it appear like that was the case.

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