Christians Flip On MAGA Movement?

Photo by Natilyn Photography on Unsplash

( – Many Christians have signed a new petition opposing the budget cuts suggested by the GOP ahead of the government funding deadline on September 30. The petition is pushing for Congress to instead pass a “moral budget.”

Last Thursday, a Christian social justice organization, Faithful America, stated in their petition that they were against Christian nationalism and argued that the MAGA Republicans’ budget cuts were going to eliminate funding for clean water, food assistance, climate change, and other programs. As the petition notes these proposals have not been voted on so far, still the petition has managed to gather 8,100 signatures within the weekend.

In the petition, it is also stated that the proposals that MAGA Republicans have pushed for were “unnecessary” and “immoral” and that they would only cause damage to communities in need.

Faithful America also announced its partnership with the nonprofit Catholics Vote Common Good in an attempt to create more awareness through the petition and to show Washington that Christians were looking for a “moral budget” to be passed that would be supportive of everyone.

Catholics Vote Common Good co-founder Denise Murphy McGraw told Newsweek that those with a “good conscience cannot sit on the sidelines” while the Republicans are pushing for funding cuts to food programs for infants and children, cutting clean water funding and other education and job training programs. She added that this was why the two organizations were calling for all people of faith to oppose the federal funding cuts being proposed.

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