Coffee Prices Rising For Insane Reason

Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin on Unsplash

( – Climate change has led to essential pollinator insect population reduction which according to one research study could result in certain crops becoming more expensive.

The journal Science Advances has published a new study in which it is noted that the decline in pollinators could lead to certain plant crops, including mango, watermelon, coffee, and cocoa declining, especially in more tropical areas. It further noted that the areas that were likely to suffer the most from the loss of pollinators were sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and northern South America. These are the areas where cocoa and coffee plants are most commonly grown.

University College London principal research fellow in genetics, evolution, and environment and the paper’s co-author Tim Newbold has stated that the paper investigated how the number of pollinators could be changed because of climate and agriculture changes. He added that they started by comparing areas where they estimate that there will be large declines in the abundance of pollinators and where crops are grown where animals are essential to pollination. Following the results of the research they determined that there were certain crops, including cocoa and coffee that could end up being at risk.

If the production of these crops drops then it could lead to the demand outpacing supply and making them more expensive. However, he added that it would be hard to attribute the changes in these goods to a decline in pollinator abundance in comparison to other factors such as climate, the economy, or the weather.

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