College Urges Students To Put Children At Risk?

Kane5187, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – Dartmouth College faculty are encouraging students to oppose banning gender reassignment surgery on minors.

According to reports, faculty at Dartmouth College has encouraged its students to oppose New Hampshire’s bill to ban gender reassignment surgery for minors.

Do No Harm, a national association of medical professionals, obtained emails showing the Geisel Medical School had urged students to oppose New Hampshire’s three proposed state bills that tackle the gender reassignment and transgender trends.

The bills ban minors undergoing gender reassignment surgery, mandate those at schools, sports facilities, and prisons to use the bathrooms of their biological sex, and protect children from victimization at schools.

The email, which was forwarded to Do No Harm from a student, allegedly urges students to be vocal about their opposition to Governor Chris Sununu.

Part of the email, which was signed by two associative deans and a medical student, highlighted concerns over “legislative changes” that would impact “the rights and well-being of our transgender community members,” and urged policymakers, healthcare providers, and citizens to guarantee “fair and equitable treatment” of every individual “regardless of gender identity.”

The email was sent by Tara Cunningham, the associate dean for student life at Geisel.

According to an unnamed student at Geisel, the email appears to be “pushing an agenda,” noting that it is “advocating one way or the other” despite the purpose of medical students being to “learn the science and art of practicing medicine.”

The student also noted the formality of the email coming “through the official email chain from faculty members’ email addresses” and not an informal group chat, suggesting Dartmouth wants “more of that agenda” and “discourages people” who might not agree with it.

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