Conservatives Sue FEC Over Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Photo by Jacob Creswick on Unsplash

( – America First Legal, a conservative watchdog group, has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission in the United States District of Columbia District Court. The FEC previously declined to take any actions against the 2020 presidential campaign of Joe Biden for the laptop denying any of the statements by 51 former intelligence officials. 

With the lawsuit America First Legal vice president Daniel Epstein claimed that the FEC had opted not to take any action and that they were hoping that this move would force the district court to take action. He added that this was what they were hoping for as they wanted a serious investigation. 

Previously the group had brought forward an FEC complaint against the 2020 Biden presidential campaign, the Biden Action Fund, the Democratic National Committee, and the Biden Victory Fund for not having reported all independent contributions. This had occurred only around a week before the November 8 election. 

In the statement, it was also alleged, without any evidence, that Hunter Biden’s laptop had most likely been part of Russia’s disinformation campaign.  Epstein pointed out that if the FEC did not take action they were in essence going to be encouraging the spread of disinformation in public. 

An FEC Spokesperson noted that the group would not provide any information regarding ongoing litigation. The group currently had 60 days to file a response. Epstein has noted that he expects a motion to remand the matter to be filed. 

According to the lawsuit, recent surveys have found that following the Hunter Biden laptop scandal four of five Americans thought that honest news coverage might have swayed who they voted for.

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