Crime In One City Reaches Breaking Point

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

( – San Francisco Police Officers Association Tracy McCray has stated that while in the past robberies, drug usage in public, and burglaries were limited to a few of the neighbors in the city, now these crimes have also started affecting some of the more affluent communities in the city. She specifically noted that larcenies have increased dramatically.

From 2020 to 2022 the statistics of the San Francisco Police revealed that there has been an increase in robberies, assaults, motor vehicle thefts, and larcenies. Last month, there was also a spike in armed robberies targeting women with their children in some of the more affluent neighborhoods of San Francisco.

As McCray revealed to Fox News there has also been an increase in the smash and grabs, which can be seen at CVS and Walgreens. She added that crime has now become a problem affecting the entire city. She further argued that criminals have grown bolder and are now committing burglaries even in homes where the residents are inside as they do not worry about possible retribution. Many of these crimes have also become more prevalent in the high-income neighborhoods in the city.

As she recalled on one occasion, a perpetrator had broken a car window and stolen all the luggage that was inside before rushing off in a getaway car. Residents have also pointed out that over the last few years they have become more concerned about their safety in the city. The union chief pointed out that whereas these problems used to be limited to a small area that was no longer the case.

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