Democratic ‘Super Mayor’ In Deep Trouble

Photo by Zander Betterton on Unsplash

( – Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard from Illinois is now facing another lawsuit after a former employee filed against her for wrongful termination. 

Dwayne Thrash, the former Maintenance Manager, claimed in his filing that he had refused to assist the mayor and her assistant Keith Freeman with letting off an employee which resulted in him being accused of a workplace violation. He was fired for said violation while he was still on vacation. 

In the lawsuit, it was noted that ever since Henyard had become the Dolton Village mayor and Thornton Township supervisor she had been terminating the employment of any individual that she viewed as being a political threat to her, or anyone that she believed could harm her public image. 

Thrash in his complaint claims that Freeman and Henyard had requested him in 2023 to assist in firing Thornton Township Trustees of Schools’ attorney Sarie E. Winner who they wanted to have replaced with Freeman’s preferred law firm Del Galdo Law Group LLC. However, Thrash had not complied with the request and had not attended the meeting in order to make the change. 

In the lawsuit, it is stated that at the time Thrash had told the mayor that he would not be going along with her attempt to let go of everyone in the office. 

Thrash had then taken his scheduled vacation, during which he had been informed  of his termination immediately for insubordination and misconduct. In the termination notice, it was alleged that he had not appropriately punched in and out, and had been disciplined for his unsatisfactory work performance. Both of the infractions had occurred during Thrash’s vacation time.

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