Democrats Attempt To Destroy Iconic U.S. Landmark

Photo by Anthony Shane on Unsplash

( – South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, a Republican, has strongly condemned Target and individuals associated with the recent efforts to dismantle Mount Rushmore. In an appearance on the popular morning show “Fox & Friends,” Governor Noem passionately expressed her concerns about the iconic landmark becoming a target for closure. She specifically called out Target for its financial support of an activist group that advocates for the removal of Mount Rushmore.

Governor Noem highlighted the significance of Mount Rushmore as a national symbol, representing the history and values of the United States. She pointed out that certain groups have labeled it as a “symbol of white supremacy,” attributing these allegations to an activist organization that has received funding from Target’s nonprofit foundation in the past.

Furthermore, Governor Noem accused Target of contributing to the division within the nation, arguing that the company’s support for the group seeking to shut down Mount Rushmore is detrimental to the unity and freedoms of the American people. She emphasized the urgent need for a serious conversation about protecting the cherished ideals of liberty and preserving national landmarks like Mount Rushmore.

During the interview, Governor Noem was specifically asked about Target’s financial contributions to the activist group through their nonprofit foundation. The organization in question has been advocating for the closure of Mount Rushmore, considering it an “international symbol of white supremacy.” In addition to this cause, they have also been promoting the demilitarization of the U.S. military and supporting the destruction of Israel’s Jewish character through a boycott campaign aimed at “Freeing Palestine.”

According to information available on the Target Foundation’s webpage, they provided funding to the NDN Collective in 2022. The NDN Collective is a South Dakota-based nonprofit organization that reported substantial revenue exceeding $50 million based on their 2021 tax filing.

Governor Noem firmly asserts that Mount Rushmore represents the essence of what the United States stands for and embodies its core principles and values. She vehemently opposes any attempts by these activist organizations to infiltrate and undermine the nation’s way of life. With a resolute determination, she vows to protect the integrity of Mount Rushmore and safeguard the cherished ideals that it represents for future generations to come.

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