Democrats Beg For Help With Migrants

Photo by Acton Crawford on Unsplash

( – The Democrat-led cities of Chicago, New York, and Denver have recently reiterated their calls for increased federal support and better coordination with Texas regarding the escalating influx of asylum-seekers arriving in their jurisdictions via bus and air transport.

This renewed appeal from the mayors comes amidst a challenging situation for U.S. cities, which are grappling with the rising tide of migrants sent from Texas and other states. A notable strategy initiated by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, involves a busing operation that has relocated over 80,000 migrants to cities predominantly governed by Democrats since the previous year. This program has intensified recently, with the addition of chartered flights.

The mayors have expressed strong criticism towards Governor Abbott and his policies. They highlight issues such as the unpredictable arrival times of buses and their tendency to stop outside prearranged zones, with little information provided about the passengers. New York Mayor Eric Adams emphasized the difficulties this creates in offering timely and safe assistance, especially considering the hardships already endured by these individuals.

Chicago has taken a firm stance against what they term “rogue” buses, employing legal actions and imposing fines. The city has observed a shift in tactics, with buses attempting to circumvent penalties by stopping unexpectedly in suburban areas, thereby burdening local officials and law enforcement. An instance was cited where migrants were dropped off at a gas station far from Chicago in the middle of the night.

Mayor Brandon Johnson of Chicago spoke of the chaos and lack of care evident in this situation, which has led to significant disruption. Chicago alone has welcomed over 26,000 migrants since the previous year.

Mayor Adams of New York announced plans to implement regulations similar to Chicago’s, including specific drop-off times and locations, with penalties for non-compliance. Denver has already adopted comparable rules. Over 161,000 migrants have sought assistance in New York since the spring of 2022, with a recent week seeing an influx of 4,000.

The mayors, having met President Joe Biden last month, are advocating for more federal funding, expanded work authorization, and a predictable schedule for bus arrivals. The financial burden of accommodating migrants, including housing, transportation, and medical care, is significant. Denver Mayor Mike Johnston highlighted the potential for such expenses to strain city budgets nationwide.

New York has even offered one-way tickets to migrants to move elsewhere and has engaged in outreach efforts in Latin America to dissuade people from heading to the city. Officials from Mayor Johnson’s administration have also visited border cities to foster communication.

Governor Abbott’s office has not responded to these recent developments. A spokesperson for Abbott had previously defended the state’s actions as necessary until the federal government secures the border.

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