Democrats Helping Criminals Succeed In Blue States

Photo by Campbell Jensen on Unsplash

( – U.S. cities have been experiencing an increase in crime which many experts claim is a result of the anti-police rhetoric as well as the policies followed by different liberal district attorneys.

Fox Nation’s “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace,” host Nancy Grace claimed that based on everything she has witnessed she believes that modern-day criminals are bolder than ever before because of the anti-police movement and the lax sentencing.

Grace revealed to Fox News Digital that there was a time when she did not believe that crime is worse per capita now than it had been before and that there was just a greater number of people in cities which had led to an increase in criminals. However, she argued that now she thinks that criminals are “more brazen.” She argued that there was also an increase in criminals per capita all caused by the decrease in police numbers.

In the past few months, there has been a large increase in retail thefts across the country. Both Whole Foods and Nordstrom have decided to leave the San Francisco area because of the risks that came with the higher crime rates. According to reports the Whole Foods on Market Street had around 600 incidents of violence prior to choosing to close down. Target CEO Brian Cornell also warned in May that the cost of retail crime was going to cost Target $500 million in profits. This has been the result of an increase in violent incidents in both Target and the retail industry across the country.

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