Democrats ‘Playing Dirty Tricks’ On The GOP

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

( – Officials in California have argued that the state’s Democrats were using “dirty tricks” when it comes to their response to the bipartisan efforts to keep off of the November ballot the Proposition 47 reform while having other public safety bills included. 

The measure in question had originally received voter approval in 2014 and it would loosen the penalties for theft and drug crimes within the state. Previously Prop 47 has received criticism as being central to the theft problems in the state. 

Bipartisan group Californians for Safer Communities, which included elected officials, law enforcement officers, and businesses had managed to collect over 900,000 signatures supporting an amendment of the proposition that would increase the criminal penalties. Still, these efforts are opposed by some elected Democrats including Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) who has pushed different public safety bills through the state Capitol that would help address theft and other crimes in the state. Those bills are viewed more favorably and are the ones that they are pushing to have on the ballot over the Prop 47 reform measure. 

Some Democrats intend to put forward inoperability clauses into the public safety bills that were proposed to block them from going into effect in the case that voters do end up backing the reform of Prop 47. As they have argued this was part of their efforts to ensure that there would not be any inconsistencies in the law. 

California Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher argued that these were “dirty tricks” by the Democrats and that they should stop, especially as the majority of Californians did not agree that Prop 47 was a good policy.

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