Democrat’s X-Rated Past Gets Leaked

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

( – Susanna Gibson, a nurse practitioner and candidate for the for the commonwealth’s House of Delegates in Virginia has allegedly posted online videos with her husband performing sexual acts and has even encouraged the viewers to “tip” them. The woman who is running in the 57th district has reportedly been using an adult site in order to share online sexual acts. In the streamed videos the Democratic candidate appears with her husband.

According to reports the mother of two has been streaming online the videos which were then archived on Recurbate in September 2022. The videos were archived after she joined the competitive race. However, as of this weekend, the videos have been made completely unavailable on Recurbate.

Chaturbate’s terms and conditions explicitly state that users are not allowed to solicit tips in exchange for performing sex acts requested by the viewers. However, Gibson had stated in the video that she was trying to raise the money for a “good cause.” She had also told viewers that if they paid more than they would perform certain sex acts in a “private room.”

In one of the videos, Gibson even told viewers that more tokens were needed before she allowed her husband to perform a specific sex act.

Gibson told the Washington Post that this was “an illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me and my family” and that her political opponents had shown that they would willingly “commit a sex crime” in an effort to attack her.

Daniel P. Watkins, who is Gibson’s lawyer, stated that the videos being shared could be considered a violation of the state’s revenge porn law.

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