Facebook User Stumps Trump’s Hush Money Judge

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

(PartiallyPolitics.com) – On Friday, Judge Juan Merchan who was overseeing Trump’s hush money case wrote to the two parties to inform them that someone had come forward on Facebook with what they claim to have prior knowledge of the case’s verdict. 

Merchan specifically informed the Manhattan DA’s office and Trump’s attorneys that on the day that the 12-person jury started deliberating on May 29, a Facebook user had come forward with some comments on the State of New York Unified Court System’s page. 

The comment stated that his cousin was one of the jury members and Trump would be getting convicted. The person had also included some celebrating emojis and thanked everyone for their efforts. 

It is not yet clear whether the user’s statement is truthful or if they were being facetious regarding their relationship with the jury. However, on their personal page, they have claimed to be a “professional s–poster” which usually refers to trolling on the internet.

On May 29 there was a 2nd comment identified by the same user in which he had celebrated the hard work “against the MAGA crazies.” In this second post, he suggested again that his cousin sits on the jury and that they were planning to convict the former President. 

In response to that comment, a different user had pointed out that if this comment was indeed true, they had implicated their cousin in a crime. In response, the original poster claimed that “Now we are married” when referring to their supposed cousin. 

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