Gas Prices Hit $7 In Red State

Photo by Jean-christophe Gougeon on Unsplash

( – Last Monday, the gas prices in southeast Florida surged far above the national average.

Last week, the national average price for gas increased by 5 cents. The American Automobile Association (AAA) data has shown that the increase means that now the price for regular gasoline has climbed to $3.85 cents. While this price is high it is still lower than the $4 per gallon that was available for most of the year.

Still, the increase in gas prices could be perceived as a sign that inflation was going to be getting worse. However, it might also have been the result of the severe weather. Still, there are certain gas stations that have their gas at exorbitantly high prices.

In Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, one Shell Station put their premium gas at close to $7 on Monday according to a CBS12 report. The local average for premium gas is currently at $4.69 making the $6.49 price more than a dollar higher. Unleaded gasoline was more expensive by more than a dollar when compared to the $4.99 national average.

Aixa Diaz, an AAA spokesperson revealed to Newsweek that Gas stations had the right to decide on what prices they wanted to sell at, so it is not uncommon to have certain gas stations that have their prices much higher than the average.

AAA is expecting that in the next month, the price of gas is going to continue declining and that in Florida it is going to decrease by 20 cents per gallon.

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