George Soros’ Plan To Turn Texas Blue

Photo by Pete Alexopoulos on Unsplash

( – George Soros, a liberal billionaire, has put a lot of cash in Texas in an attempt to flip the state in the next election. So far the billionaire has contributed over $3 million to at least five different groups in Texas in an attempt to increase infrastructure in the state and win more control in the Republican stronghold. 

Soros’ funding has helped elevate the Texas Majority PAC, a progressive group that has been positioning itself in an attempt to flip the state. Soros’ Democracy PAC II has provided thousands of dollars in funding to the group. 

The Texas Tribune recently reported that former staffers from the gubernatorial campaign of Beto O’Rourke were behind the group’s operations and that the group had raised almost $2.25 million in the last year. 

Katherine Fischer, the group’s executive director, noted that they would need millions of dollars and a bigger team to be able to flip the state and to create the right partnerships that would allow for the state to be flipped. 

Fox News Digital in their report noted that the Texas campaign finance records had clearly shown that the group was entirely backed by Soros’ donations. It further pointed out that the Democracy PAC II had provided the group with $850,000 in contributions, while Soros himself had personally provided $1.4 million to him. This amounts to the $2.25 million that the PAC has raised since it was first launched. 

Former Republican congresswoman Mayra Flores has argued that Soros was throwing money at the state in an attempt to increase Democrat turnout in 2024.

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