Illegals Find New Way To Enter The U.S.

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

( – A viral video has emerged showing a Ferromex train traveling out of Zacatecas. The video showed migrants hanging from both sides of the train as they cheered.

Following the release of the video, Ferromex, a Mexican railway company, has announced that they would be halting their operations in the northern part of the country. This decision was based on the safety concerns that were expressed over those who were hanging from the train in the video. The company citing the concerns about migrants potentially getting hurt while climbing on the freight cars announced that operations would temporarily be stopped.

In a statement, Ferromex pointed out that there has been a large increase in the number of migrants in the past few days. They added that the train operations were going to be stopped temporarily in order to “protect the physical safety of the migrants.” They further pointed out that they would be waiting for law enforcement and the government to take action to resolve the issue.

The company further cited that in recent days there have been half a dozen cases of either deaths or injuries caused by migrants who were trying to climb on top of the freight cars. They further stated that some migrants were attempting to jump onto the freight cars while they were moving, which posed an even greater danger.

This decision will mean that 60 of Ferromax trains which are carrying cargo are going to be stopped. As a result, there may also be disruptions in international trade.

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