Judge Deals Major Blow To Trump Associate

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

(PartiallyPolitics.com) – On Friday, a judge decided that John Eastman, who once served as a lawyer for ex-President Trump, cannot delay his disbarment proceedings in California.

Eastman had contended that his involvement in the federal election fraud allegations against Trump, along with his role in the extensive Georgia election fraud racketeering lawsuit, would potentially complicate his disbarment trial, as there were risks he might incriminate himself.

The California Bar Association is looking to revoke Eastman’s legal practicing rights, alleging that he disseminated election fraud theories and influenced Georgia officials to draft a deceptive alternate set of Electoral College votes.

Judge Yvette Roland stated that Eastman must proceed with the disbarment since he had already begun participating in the process. Earlier in the trial, he underwent an eight-hour examination and opted not to use his Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination, even when discussing topics now associated with criminal proceedings.

Roland emphasized, “One cannot voluntarily share details on a subject in a legal context and then later decide to exercise their right to silence on related matters.” She highlighted that Eastman had previously exercised his Fifth Amendment rights, including during a conversation with the House Jan. 6 Committee regarding the same events under scrutiny.

Additionally, Roland mentioned that Eastman had prior knowledge of potential criminal investigations into his actions, as evidenced by his interactions with a Georgia grand jury that ultimately brought charges against him.

She pointed out that Eastman “fully recognized the potential legal consequences of his activities during the 2020 election, which are central to the [disbarment proceedings]. He provided substantial evidence without invoking the Fifth Amendment and only requested a postponement after the trial had been underway for nearly a week.”

While disbarment trials typically get deferred due to related criminal accusations, Roland asserted that specific aspects of this situation, such as Eastman’s extensive testimony, rule out such a possibility.

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