Lawmakers Lifting Retirement Age For Who?

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

( – The majority of Americans are opposed to the retirement age for younger Americans increasing as a way to increase solvency for Social Security.

A new poll, reported by Semafor and conducted by left-leaning firm Data For Progress, found that 65 percent of respondents were against increasing the retirement age for Americans currently in their 20s. According to the breakdown, 72 percent of Democratic-identifying respondents and 59 percent of Republican-identifying respondents believed that it was “unfair” and “unrealistic” for the younger generation of Americans to be expected to work into their 70s. From those who identified as independents or third-party voters, 65 percent of respondents agreed with that view.

The poll also showed that less than 10 percent of Americans would support an increase in the age of retirement to over 67, which is currently the threshold for those who have been born since 1960. Only 5 percent of Democratic-identifying respondents, 9 percent of Republican-identifying respondents, and 9 percent of independent and third-party-identifying respondents would support the move.

The poll was conducted between March 29-30 and surveyed 1,218 likely voters.

The poll also showed that there is bipartisan support for an increase in taxes for the wealthy as a way of increasing solvency for Social Security. This increase was proposed in the Social Security Expansion Act which was introduced by Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and others. As they noted the tax increase described in the bill would help increase benefits by $2,400 yearly for all recipients.

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