Liberal Attempts To Bribe Supreme Court Justice

Photo by Adam Michael Szuscik on Unsplash

( – John Oliver, the host of “Last Week Tonight” offered Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas $1 million per year if he chooses to resign. 

The comedian slammed the U.S. justice during the premiere of his show’s 11th season, arguing that Thomas had worsened the lives of Americans. Oliver proceeded to say that he promised to give Oliver a luxury recreational vehicle if he resigned from the Supreme Court. He continued by arguing that there was currently a lot on his plate between the Jan. 6 cases and taking away women’s rights. He added that he should definitely not have to hear cases that were likely to bring federal regulations back by years.

He proceeded to say that what he could offer Thomas instead was $1 million per year, paired with a new vehicle and all he would be required to do was sign a document that he would resign from the Supreme Court. 

Mediaite was quick to highlight the bit by the comedian. In recent months Thomas has had to face a lot of criticism from ethics watchdogs and media outlets following the reports by ProPublica that he had failed to disclose the luxury gifts and trips he had received from billionaire Harlan Crow for years. 

Oliver in his bit encouraged Thomas to consider this with his friend and noted that Thomas was most likely considering whether if he took this deal his friend would continue to treat him to luxury vacations. However, Oliver argued that the beauty of friendship was that true friends would love you regardless of what your job is.

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