Liberal Hollywood Attempts To Humiliate Trump

Photo by Vincentas Liskauskas on Unsplash

( – This week, former President Trump refuted claims that he demanded a cameo in the movie “Home Alone 2,” asserting instead that the film’s creators eagerly requested his participation.

In a post on his Truth Social platform, Trump reminisced about the event from three decades ago. He claimed that Chris Columbus, the director of “Home Alone 2,” and others were keen on having him make a brief appearance in the film.

Trump expressed pride in his role in the movie, which was set in New York’s Plaza Hotel. He attributed the film’s immense success to his cameo, saying it soared in popularity following his appearance.

This statement from Trump follows comments made by Columbus in a 2020 interview. Columbus had mentioned that Trump had conditioned the use of the Plaza Hotel for filming on his inclusion in the movie. According to Columbus, audiences reacted positively to Trump’s appearance during initial screenings, leading to the decision to keep his scene in the film. Columbus described this as Trump “bullying his way into the movie,” as reported by Business Insider and covered by Variety.

Countering these claims, Trump insisted in his social media post that the opposite was true. He argued that his cameo contributed significantly to the movie’s success. Questioning why he would be featured and retained in the film for over 30 years if the filmmakers felt coerced or reluctant, Trump concluded that his presence was beneficial for the movie. He dismissed Columbus’s remarks as an attempt by “another Hollywood guy from the past” to gain attention through association with Trump.

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