Liberal Media Confesses, Democrats Speechless

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

( – On Thursday NBC’s Chuck Todd stated that Texas Gov. Greg Abbot was correct when he had stated that his bussing operation that transports migrants to blue sanctuary cities would lead to many Democratic politicians opposing the Biden administration and fighting for the federal administration to secure the border.

In a segment of “Meet The Press,”  Todd addressed the “growing humanitarian crisis” in New York City as officials are trying to find ways to deal with the surge of migrants that are seeking shelter in the city. The city’s resources have also been exhausted which has led to NYC Mayor Eric Adams often expressing his frustrations over the lack of support from the general administration.

Earlier that day Adams had renewed his calls for the federal government to take action, warning about the effect that the migrant crisis is going to have. He also stated that the surge of migrants in the city would cost around $12 billion by 2025. Within the last year, approximately 100,000 asylum seekers have reached New York City either through migrant buses or on their own. Adams has argued that the city has reached its breaking point and that it is necessary for the federal government to provide them with additional funding and resources.

New York is not the only city to be struggling. Democratic Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey also declared a state of emergency over the immigration crisis arguing that the state’s shelter system and social services were overwhelmed by the volume of migrants who had entered the state.

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