Liberals Terrified Of Sanctuary City Being Built In State

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

( – Residents in a Colorado city are in uproar over the possibility that their city could be turned by officials into a sanctuary city. 

On Tuesday, residents in the city of Lakewood, Colorado attended an emergency community meeting in which they expressed concerns over the possibility that city officials might be looking to convert their city to a sanctuary city. City officials have so far denied that there are any such attempts. The meeting was hosted by the group Lakewood Concerned Citizens with hundreds of residents in attendance. 

While there are currently no mentions of Lakewood becoming a “sanctuary,” resident Karen Morgan stated during the meeting that so far while the word “sanctuary” has not been used, city officials have spoken about being “welcoming, inclusive” and even “sheltering” which is widely considered to be a synonym to it being a sanctuary city.

This latest emergency meeting was called after an earlier meeting in January between officials in Lakewood and the state’s capital city of Denver. Denver is a self-proclaimed sanctuary city and many residents are worried that Lakewood will be made into a sanctuary city to support Denver with the influx of migrants. 

Former Lakewood City Council member Mary Janssen questioned why city officials are going to Denver to determine how they can help them. She proceeded to question what actions Lakewood could take in order to assist Denver. 

The Lakewood City Council has repeatedly stated that they are not looking to make Lakewood into a “sanctuary city.” 

In her own statement Lakewood Mayor Wendi Strom noted that the council had never discussed the possibility of it becoming a sanctuary city during her time in office.

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