Mainstream Media Calls Rural Americans WHAT?

Photo by Melanie Mauer on Unsplash

( – Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews compared the frustration of rural Americans towards the liberal elite to combating terrorism.

During a segment on “Morning Joe,” Matthews addressed the findings of the Reagan National Defense Survey, which indicated that 70% of Americans feel the nation is on the wrong track. He suggested that the current discontent is mainly due to what he termed “rural rage.”

Matthews pointed out that those without college education harbor significant resentment, which is a potent force in elections. He mentioned various forms of anger, such as that stemming from racial or geographic sources, emphasizing the current focus on rural areas. These individuals, he noted, are particularly disillusioned with the liberal and coastal elite.

He likened this situation to fighting terrorism, drawing parallels with military interventions in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. Matthews argued that using armies often exacerbates hostility rather than resolving it, as seen in these conflicts. He suggested that such approaches inflame opposition and hatred, rather than fostering peace.

Additionally, Matthews commented on how regular people perceive media representation, particularly shows like “Saturday Night Live.” He observed that many see these programs as mocking them, contributing to a sense of alienation and resentment towards perceived elitist attitudes in the media.

Joe Concha, a columnist, later criticized Matthews’ perspective on Fox News’ “Outnumbered.” Concha highlighted the disconnect between the elite and average Americans, referencing Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” remark in the 2016 election. He argued that this disconnect led to a misunderstanding of the sentiment in key Midwest states.

Concha expanded on Matthews’ point about rural anger, asserting that the dissatisfaction is widespread, not just confined to rural areas. He cited statistics indicating a general pessimism about the country’s direction, encompassing concerns about the economy, crime, border issues, and educational standards. Concha emphasized that the current discontent transcends geographic boundaries, affecting people across the entire nation.

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