Major Attack On U.S. Embassy Foiled

Photo by Piotr Chrobot on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, the Lebanese Army managed to fight off an attack at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut where a gunman opened fire. 

Lebanon has been facing an increase in tension over the past few months, as  Hezbollah militants have been fighting Israeli troops in the Middle East, causing thousands of displaced individuals to be left along the country’s border. According to reports by the local media, the gunfight involved at least one gunman and lasted for close to half an hour.
The Lebanese army took to X to write that members had wounded a Syrian national who has been taken into custody and at the hospital where he can receive treatment. Previous reports had indicated that there were four gunmen involved in the incident, out of which one had been killed. 

Lebanon’s state-sponsored National News Agency in its report noted that the State Security Directorate and the Directorate of Army Intelligence had proceeded with the arrest of the brother of the suspect who had been accused of being part of the attack. 

At around 8:34 a.m. local time there had been “small arms fire” reported in the Aukar suburb, where the U.S. embassy is located. However, it was noted that both the team and facility were fine. 

The U.S. Embassy also released a statement in which they thanked the host country and its security forces for ensuring the safety of the team and the facility. It added that the embassy would remain closed on June 5, but that there were plans for them to resume their normal operations the following day.

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