Major City Experiences Total 911 System Outage

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday afternoon, the Massachusetts 911 system experienced an outage, first reported by law enforcement after 1 p.m.

The state’s 911 system’s widespread outage meant no one in Massachusetts could reach emergency personnel by dialing 911.

In a public safety message that was sent to phones in the state, people were informed that there may be a delay in “public safety response” as a result of the system going down.

The message informed people to directly call their local public safety business line in the case of an emergency, revealing that more information would follow.

In a statement to The Associated Press, the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety confirmed that the “911 Department is aware of a disruption” and was working to restore the system and investigate its cause.

Michael Cox, Boston Police Commissioner, informed the public to call their local police department if they needed help and relayed those suffering medical, fire-related, or EMS emergencies to pull a local call box — the red box on street corners — to get assistance.

Cox also stated the disruption might be “very temporary,” but informed the AP that they felt it was “important” given the heat to inform people about what was going on.

In a statement on social media, the Boston Police also revealed that officers would be patrolling with their blue lights activated to increase visibility. 

By 3:45 p.m., the state’s 911 system had been restored.

The outage came as Boston prepares for the Boston Celtics parade and is anticipating unseasonable warm temperatures.

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