Major City’s Democrat Mayor Begging For Help

Photo by Acton Crawford on Unsplash

( – Denver Mayor Mike Johnston has expressed urgent concern over the city’s capacity to handle the ongoing migrant crisis, highlighting the strain on local resources and the need for federal assistance. In a discussion with Lawrence Jones on “Fox & Friends,” Johnston emphasized Denver’s critical situation, noting the city’s efforts in welcoming nearly 40,000 migrants over the past year. He stressed the necessity for federal funding and work authorization for migrants to alleviate the city’s burden and enable new arrivals to be self-sufficient.

Johnston pointed out a significant challenge faced by migrants: the lengthy wait for asylum hearings, which leaves them unable to work and financially support themselves. This situation places additional pressure on state and local governments to provide for these individuals.

Denver’s predicament is twofold, grappling with both humanitarian and financial crises. Johnston underscored the city’s commitment to being welcoming while striving to maintain essential services without federal support for work authorization, border control, and resource provision.

Local community members have voiced their concerns as well. Priscilla Rahn, a teacher at a Denver middle school, described the immediate impact on education, with schools exceeding student capacity and lacking necessary resources for academic success. Another resident, Vanessa Rutledge, expressed frustration with the lack of action from city and state leaders, calling for a more assertive stance towards the federal government to address the crisis.

Safety concerns have also been raised, with reports of violence near school areas, underscoring the broader implications of the crisis on public safety and community well-being. The residents criticized the notion that opposing sanctuary city policies is lacking in compassion, arguing instead for a balanced approach to resource allocation and public safety.

Mayor Johnston’s announcement of a city-wide budget cut by 10%, coupled with a significant reduction in police officers, raises further questions about the city’s future ability to respond to emergencies and maintain order.

As Denver confronts these challenges, the community hopes for meaningful change and solutions that address both the immediate needs of migrants and the long-term sustainability of city services.

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