NYC Mayor Reveals What Really Caused Recent Riot

Photo by Mike C. Valdivia on Unsplash

( – On Saturday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams alleged that the chaos that erupted in Manhattan’s Union Square as a result of Twitch influencer Kai Cenat’s event was driven by “outside agitators.”

Cenat had invited his followers to the square for a PlayStation giveaway last week. Adams in reference to this event pointed out that the Twitch streamer and influencer had many followers and many people traveled from outside of New York City in order to be there for the event.

Adams argued that they were looking into where there were “outside agitators” who caused the chaos that erupted. As he pointed out, most people who showed up at an event to win a free Game would not carry with them M-80s, smoke bombs, or other such disruptive items. This was what led them to believe that external influencers had tried to deliberately cause chaos during the event.

Cenat, 21, has over 12 million followers across the different platforms he is active in. He had promoted his giveaway for the PlayStation and other gifts across his different accounts. This resulted in thousands of children and young people deciding to go to Union Square in order to participate in the giveaway on Friday.

However, from the videos that circulated from the Frida afternoon event, it is clear that the situation turned chaotic as many young people started climbing on top of vehicles, hitting each other, and chanting against the New York Police Department.

Adams during the news conference warned against social media and their effects on young people, speaking about the responsibilities of raising children.

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