NYPD Cop Accused Of Threatening Who?

Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash

(PartiallyPolitics.com) – Emily Hirshowitz, a 36-year-old police officer from Ossining, New York, is facing allegations of creating and sending herself multiple distressing and intimidating messages, which she claimed to be from her coworkers.

Hirshowitz reported to the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office that these messages, dating back to May of the previous year, were sent by either one or several officers from her own department. These claims were recently incorporated into a criminal complaint submitted at White Plains City Court.

Michael Garcia, a criminal investigator from Westchester County District Attorney’s office, observed in the complaint that these text messages are now tied to contact numbers related to Hirshowitz. The messages contained malicious and threatening content, even suggesting she should end her own life, calling her “stupid” and a “reject”. Investigations concluded that the numbers generating these messages were created through an app used by Hirshowitz, and both her email and IP address were linked to these numbers.

Hirshowitz is now facing charges, which include three counts of presenting a fraudulent document for filing and four counts of false incident reporting. Following these revelations, she was placed on administrative leave. Representatives for both Hirshowitz’s legal counsel and the police department have refrained from giving any additional comments on the ongoing case.

Hirshowitz’s public contact details list three phone numbers, but two of them are not in service, and the third one was reported as being incorrect. After her arrest on Wednesday, Hirshowitz’s court date has been set for July 12.

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