One City Expected To Smash it’s Temperature Record

Photo by Rebecca Lawrence on Unsplash

( – Phoenix is set to break its previous heat record as it is set to hit its 19th consecutive day when the temperature will reach 110 degrees or more. The city’s previous record was established in 1974 when it had 18 days with more than 110-degree temperatures.

However, this is not the only temperature record that the city is breaking. On Monday, the city had a record-low temperature of 95 degrees. This was also the eighth consecutive day in which the overnight temperature was above 90 degrees, which set another record.

The NWS has put out an extreme heat warning for the region until Friday, noting that in some areas the temperature even in the afternoon could be as high as 117 degrees. The Southwest has also been going through a heat wave for weeks.

In Tuesday’s forecast the weather services in Texas, South Florida, and the lower Mississippi Valley warned that there would be record-breaking heat during the week. The NWS also warned that in the Southwest and Texas, there would be triple-digit temperatures for the following days.

The NWS noted that even the low temperatures in these areas are going to be relatively warm, but that in some areas they are going to get relief overnight from the heat. The light winds are also contributing to the extreme feeling of heat, and in some areas, the sea surface temperatures are also higher than normal. The heat warnings in the Gulf Coast, Southwest, South Florida, and Southern Plains are set to stay in place.

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