One State Refuses To Give Biden What He Wants

Photo by Seth Dewey on Unsplash

( – The battle between the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and New Hampshire which has been going on for almost a year, is coming to an end as the primary election cycle is nearing. New Hampshire has been the first in the nation in the presidential primary for over a century.

On Wednesday, New Hampshire Secretary of State Dave Scanlan is going to announce the date of the election. For centuries this is the day that has served as the start of the presidential primary for both of the parties’ nominating calendars.

In an interview with Fox News Digital ahead of the announcement at the State House in Concord, Scanlan noted that he would be saying a few things about the reason the New Hampshire primary’s position was important. As he stated the DNC’s argument that New Hampshire lacked diversity was not the true reason for this conflict. He then pointed out that there were more important reasons for why New Hampshire should be first and that he would be talking about those before the announcement.

Many expect that the New Hampshire election will be set on Jan. 23, which would mean that the state would not be complying with the DNC’s 2024 presidential nominating calendar. The Democrats could end up sanctioning the state as a result of this dispute which could mean that half of New Hampshire’s delegates could lose out on the next national convention in the summer.

If the state proceeds with an unsanctioned primary it could also mean that President Biden would not add his name to the ballot.

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